Can You Turn Off Tesla Regenerative Braking (Regen)?

Tesla regen braking and steering mode options

Tesla’s regenerative braking technology (regen) has come a long way since the older days where hybrid cars boasted of regenerative braking every time you pressed on the brake pedal. In recent years, drivers of Tesla models had two choices when setting the strength of their Tesla regen: “Low” or “Standard.” Interestingly, and quite controversially for … Read more

Why Are There No Electric Convertibles?

Four people in a convertible car enjoying a road trip

In the ever-expanding world of EVs, there’s something rather interesting that stands out. Virtually none of them so far have been convertibles. This strikes us as odd because given that EVs are still in the higher-end niche of the automotive world financially, and given the proclivity of wealthier drivers to choose convertibles, it seems to … Read more

Here’s Why a Used Nissan Leaf Should Always Have an SD Card

The open tilt area of the Nissan Leaf infotainment system

When you’re buying a used Nissan Leaf, it’s easy to get so distracted by the “big questions” of an EV like that, such as current battery capacity, range, the state of the interior and exterior, that you miss other more subtle yet crucial things. On your Nissan Leaf, there is an absolutely critical spot that’s … Read more

Can You Push a Dead Tesla?

Tesla Model S on the side in a car park

For quite a number of years now, the main fear behind making the switch from conventional internal combustion engines to electric cars has been centered on a single issue: range anxiety. The average gasoline car can get about 400 miles from a single tank of gas. As things stand, 400 miles on a single charge … Read more