Welcome to our website. It’s an exciting time for green cars: purely electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 are selling well, hybrids are frequently seen on the roads - and the oft-discussed Tesla Model 3 has ramped up production and is also selling (very!) well.

Green Car Future aims to report on the latest developments in the exciting green car sector, and also provide useful info about green cars. 18 separate countries have announced laws banning fossil-fuel powered cars (e.g. petrol and diesel cars), some banning them within a decade. So electric and hydrogen cars (amongst others) are set to continue to become popular.

Tesla Model S interior photograph showing the steering wheel (with Tesla logo) and color dash screen with various driving information.


We currently cover five separate areas on this website:

  • Electric - info and articles about the most popular form of green cars: electric. They have an electric battery, which replaces the traditional combustion engines from fossil-fuelled powered cars. They are more efficient than combustion engine vehicles, and naturally electric can be generated from various fuel sources (including green sources like wind and solar power) - hence electric cars are much more eco-friendly than their predecessors. See all EV-related articles.
  • Hydrogen - hydrogen cars are not as popular as electric, and there’s currently only 3 mainstream hydrogen cars on the market. However an increasing numbers of manufacturers are working on producing hydrogen cars. They’re powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which are currently expensive to produce and arguably a less mature technology than electric car batteries. See all fuel cell car related articles.
  • Hybrids - hybrids use a mix of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, and can switch between the energy source as applicable. This reduces fuel consumption and has lower emissions than fossil-fuel powered cars. They are also (currently) cheaper to buy than electric cars.
  • News - in this section we keep track of all the latest industry developments: whether it’s a new green car being released, improvements in electric/hydrogen technology, or potentially Elon Musk’s latest (substantial) Tweets!
  • Directory - reviews and information of electric, hydrogen and hybrid cars currently on the market.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car driving along a road with mountains and scenery in the background

Latest Weekly News Roundup

Some green car websites pump out up to 10 ‘news’ articles each day relating to electric cars (and perhaps the odd hydrogen fuel cell article), which is great for hardcore EV enthusiasts but it makes it hard to keep track of the real news from each week. As a result we sum up the week’s green car news every Saturday or Sunday in a weekly news roundup:

All-Time News

Alternatively, the handy links below show any news items we have written about for a particular company/green car term since this website’s launch:

Newest Articles

Our 10 most recently published general interest articles (i.e. non-news related) are:

We hope you find this website useful, but please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks!