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Green Car Future launched in October 2018, with an aim to provide all the information you will need to know about green cars (mainly electric cars, but also sometimes on hybrids and hydrogen vehicles too).

It’s definitely an exciting time for green cars, with sales of EVs increasing all the time, and predictions that EVs will match fossil-fuel powered car prices within 2-5 years. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are also due to see a production ramp up from 2023 onwards, as the technologies mature and costs fall.

We aim to provide balanced and impartial coverage of green cars: we know that electric cars and hydrogen cars have flaws, and we highlight these flaws as part of our reporting.

In terms of what we write about, we provide a range of general articles covering electric cars, along with more detailed research-based articles (such as our ‘rise of EVs infographic’ from 2020).

This website is created by Tristan, a software developer who is passionate about eco-friendly lifestyles (and especially green cars!), DIY, housing and minimalism:

Me driving a Tesla MYP Model Y Performance model an amazing car
Me driving a Tesla MYP (Model Y Performance) model – a truly amazing car!

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I hope that you like this website. If you have any comments or suggestions on this website please contact me via e-mail at:

info (at) greencarfuture (dot) com

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