Can Tesla Autopilot Drive You Home Drunk?

A mockup of someone asleep at the wheel with the EV on autopilot

There’s no-one who can reasonably deny that Tesla’s Autopilot technology is truly amazing and certainly sector-leading. Where other brands like GM, Audi and Ford have all shied away from going too far with their autonomous driving technology, Tesla was bold enough to make it a common feature and have extolled its virtues since its first … Read more

Can the Chevy Bolt and Volt Jump Start Another Car?

A Chevrolet Volt Chevy Volt parked in a city street in Frankfurt Germany

As the world turns increasingly toward plug-in hybrid and electric cars, questions about old and established practices and how they relate to the new world of electric cars are common. One such practice that people wonder a great deal about is that of jump starting, that is, using jump leads to quickly transfer a small … Read more