Can an Electric Car Go Through a Carwash?

A car going through a car wash

We’ve spent so much of our lives guarding our electronics against the ever-present threat of water that it has become second nature to us. The advent of electric cars, then, presented us with an interesting problem to consider: can electric cars cope with nature’s wetter elements? Can an EV Go Through a Carwash? Let’s start … Read more

Nissan Leaf Annual Maintenance Costs: A Complete Guide

Nissan Leaf maintance costs

Even with the rapid growth in sales and model availability in the last few years, electric vehicles are still relatively unknown to the wider marketplace. As even the biggest automotive names now add all-electric models to their range, including high-end luxury marques, more and more people are asking about the potential benefits of making that … Read more

What Does “Maintenance Tire” Mean For The Nissan Leaf EVs?

Close up of the Nissan Leaf cabin

Most modern cars are a sea of lights, symbols, reminders and notifications. There are so many bells and whistles on new vehicles, and all of them come with additional controls, settings, and sooner or later maintenance requirements. The Nissan Leaf is no exception, and one of the slightly more baffling things that users encounter is … Read more

Does Supercharging Reduce Tesla Battery Life?

Telsa Model S charging at Delaware Welcome Center, thanks to

In the world of electric vehicles, the issue of charging is among the most discussed. Whether it’s concerns over home charging setups, charging speeds, recommended charging levels, use and availability of public charging infrastructure, the topic is never far away from the lips of a current or aspiring EV owner. Tesla and Supercharging One company … Read more