Can Electric Car Chargers Electrocute You In The Rain?

Heavy rain, from Paula Ikonen of

If it’s raining when you go to plug in your (now wet) electric car charger, is there a danger of an electrical short, or even electrocution? I certainly hope not, but since water conducts electricity it’s something that’s understandable to wonder about: hence this article. The basics All modern electric car charging stations abide by … Read more

Electric Cars Aren’t Green: Myth Or Truth? We Take A Look!

Power plant with various emissions being produced, from le-si of

The great thing about buying and driving an electric car is that you’re doing your bit for the environment… or are you? Some people claim that electric cars are actually bad for the environment. Is this true? Are you better off with your noisy, gas-guzzling 4×4 instead? The basics When looking at the overall environmental footprint of … Read more

Do Electric Cars Need Special Tires/Tyres?

Photograph of Tesla Model S wheel and tire

As we seen in my how electric cars work article, EVs work quite differently to conventional gasoline powered cars. Due to this, people often wonder whether special tires/tyres are needed for electric cars. This article intends to find out. Key differences There’s two main differences between EVs and gasoline cars which put extra strain on tires: … Read more

How Exactly Do Electric Cars Work?

A diagram showing the interaction between the pedal, controller, motor and battery work within EVs (electric cars).

Since we have all grown up around gasoline-powered cars, the general way that they work (i.e. gasoline is burnt in an internal combustion engine, which provides the necessary power to drive the vehicle forward) is fairly well understood. However electric cars are much newer and less mainstream, and so we wanted to take an in-depth … Read more

Green Car Fuelling Cost Breakdown: Is There a Best Type to Run?

Running costs breakdown from the EPA,

As you’re no doubt aware, there’s multiple types of green car: traditional hybrids, EVs (electric cars), plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars. The technology (and infrastructure) powering green cars is progressing all the time, but are they a match financially for standard gasoline autos? This article will find out. Type of Car: Recap This … Read more