Here’s Why Your Tesla Makes a “Pop” Sound When Charging

A Tesla supercharger near Cardiff Wales

After multiple generations of driving cars powered by internal combustion engines, we’ve finally reached a time when a rapidly growing number of people are embracing a brand-new powertrain, namely the electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery. These new vehicles are changing our societies in so many ways, from lower emissions levels to less noise from … Read more

How Long Do Tesla Software Updates Take?

Tesla blog screenshot covering the new V11 software update

Most people are aware that one of the more unique features on Tesla cars is their ability to offer so-called “Over the Air” (OTA) updates. The replacement of the internal combustion engine with a battery-centered electric system has given rise to vehicles that are dominated more by their digital and electronic infrastructure than they are … Read more

Why Do Teslas Make a Noise When Backing Up?

A meme with the text When A Tesla Is Backing Up

Since mid-2019, have you noticed any strange sci-fi type sounds coming from Teslas when they’re reversing? The peculiar noise is part of a new feature that arrived in September 2019 and is going to form the main focus of today’s blog post. Why have Teslas started making these strange noises? Does this mean that when … Read more

Why Electric Cars Have Low Top Speed (Are All EVs Low Speed?!) – New Video

YouTube thumbnail showing me talking and the text What Are EV Makers Hiding

Electric cars offer everything, right? Eco-friendly credentials, awesome acceleration, and high top speeds. Wait, back up – that’s wrong. EVs historically have much lower top speeds than gasoline cars, but why is this? Are all EVs low speed, or only some of them? We explore these questions, and more, in this video. The video timestamps … Read more