Fixing “Unable to Charge” or “Charge Port” Tesla Errors

Two Tesla charging errors including the infamous Unable to Charge error

It seems that quite a few Tesla owners have had negative experiences with being unable to charge their vehicles because of the emergence of strange and somewhat unhelpful error messages. Common ones include variations on “Unable to Charge – Service Required” or “Charge Port Requires Service.” There are actually many variations on these kinds of … Read more

Uh Oh: Tesla Screen is Black After Update – How to Fix

A Tesla Model S with a black central screen

As if glitching screens on older Tesla models between 2014 and 2018 wasn’t enough, even the very latest Teslas that have been “upgraded” with MCU2 and received the latest system patches and updates are said to be still experiencing serious issues. The most serious screen issue is referred to as the “Black Screen of Death,” … Read more

Can You Reset the Tesla Screen While Driving? (Yes, but…)

The interior of a Tesla Model X with black and white trim

Over the years, some Tesla users have reported problems with their main touchscreen whilst they’re out on the road. The screen might freeze up, become unresponsive, go black or just generally exhibit that kind of buggy behavior that’s cause for concern in technology. If our home computer or tablet shows this kind of bug, what … Read more