Tesla Not Showing Other Cars and Vehicle Visualizations are Missing

A Tesla screen with no vehicle visualizers being shown

One of the most exciting things about Tesla upgrading to Full Self-Driving (FSD) mode over the Enhanced Autopilot was the ways in which it enriched the vehicle visualizations that appear either on your main touchscreen and/or on the instrument cluster depending on which model you’re driving. In particular, it was the release of FSD Beta … Read more

Tesla Enhanced Autopilot & Full Self-Driving: Cost & Upgrade Guide

Someone driving a new Tesla Model 3 on autopilot

There was a lot of buzz over the last couple of years since early 2019 about Tesla’s major upgrade to its Autopilot driver assistance technology, which itself was first introduced back in 2014-2015. Since their release, they have been held up as remarkable examples of humanity’s continuing progress towards making a fully self-driving car. But … Read more

Can Tesla Autopilot Drive You Home Drunk?

A mockup of someone asleep at the wheel with the EV on autopilot

There’s no-one who can reasonably deny that Tesla’s Autopilot technology is truly amazing and certainly sector-leading. Where other brands like GM, Audi and Ford have all shied away from going too far with their autonomous driving technology, Tesla was bold enough to make it a common feature and have extolled its virtues since its first … Read more