How to Lock (And Unlock) the Nissan Leaf Charger

The two Nissan Leaf charging ports slow and rapid charge ports

Statistics show that more and more people are beginning to adopt electric vehicles and move away from traditional internal combustion engines. This has created a new reality for drivers and passengers everywhere, and that’s making use of public charging stations, as well as private charging stations that may be installed in their driveways or in … Read more

Can VW ID Vehicles Use Tesla Superchargers Yet?

The back of a blue VW ID.4 part of the ID range parked up in the UK

For most of the past decade or so that EVs have been entering the mainstream, Tesla drivers have enjoyed a number of key advantages over drivers of competing models like the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt and others. For instance, Tesla cars have long enjoyed greater range, with models in 2022 still outdoing the second-generation models … Read more

Yes, Teslas & Other EVs CAN Charge While Driving (Sort Of…) – New Video

YouTube thumbnail with me in background and the text self charging EVs are unlikely

Many people ask whether electric cars can charge up while driving along, which this video explores. The short answer is that self-charging road surfaces and physics-defying dynamos won’t really work, but integrated solar panels and improved regen braking will help… a bit. This video explains the benefits and shortfalls of regen braking, and looks at … Read more

Why Your Tesla Can’t Charge At a Supercharger & How to Fix This

A charging equipment not ready error from Tesla

Tesla owners are doubly lucky in that they typically drive cars with a longer single-charge range than most other EVs out there, but also because they have access to the Tesla Supercharger network, something not yet available to all EVs — although that development is supposedly on the way. Currently, in the US, there are … Read more