Nissan Leaf Key Fob Not Working or Detected: How to Fix

Nissan key fob inside a Nissan car

Our car keys have come a long way from the lumps of metal that used bore holes in pockets and accidentally scratched paint when you missed the keyhole. Those keys of yesteryear have steadily been replaced with keys of technological substance, offering keyless entry and keyless starting. The Nissan Leaf has been no exception to … Read more

Here’s Why a Used Nissan Leaf Should Always Have an SD Card

The open tilt area of the Nissan Leaf infotainment system

When you’re buying a used Nissan Leaf, it’s easy to get so distracted by the “big questions” of an EV like that, such as current battery capacity, range, the state of the interior and exterior, that you miss other more subtle yet crucial things. On your Nissan Leaf, there is an absolutely critical spot that’s … Read more