Can Tesla Autopilot Drive You Home Drunk?

A mockup of someone asleep at the wheel with the EV on autopilot

There’s no-one who can reasonably deny that Tesla’s Autopilot technology is truly amazing and certainly sector-leading. Where other brands like GM, Audi and Ford have all shied away from going too far with their autonomous driving technology, Tesla was bold enough to make it a common feature and have extolled its virtues since its first … Read more

Can You Turn Off Tesla Regenerative Braking (Regen)?

Tesla regen braking and steering mode options

Tesla’s regenerative braking technology (regen) has come a long way since the older days where hybrid cars boasted of regenerative braking every time you pressed on the brake pedal. In recent years, drivers of Tesla models had two choices when setting the strength of their Tesla regen: “Low” or “Standard.” Interestingly, and quite controversially for … Read more