How Electric Car Batteries Are Made: From Mining To Driving

Individual cell layer with cathode, anode, separator and aluminium foil.

The massive 300-550 kg battery packs that go into electric cars are probably the most important component by far, just like the importance of an internal combustion engine to a traditional car. However, the journey that these lithium-ion batteries make when being produced is a very interesting one: from multiple (sometimes unsafe) mines in far-off … Read more

26 Electric Car Advantages and Disadvantages

Someone carrying out repair maintenance on a car, from Helmut Gevert of

As we seen in our ‘how do electric cars work?’ article, EVs work completely differently to conventional, fossil-fuel powered cars. They are also starting to rise up and disrupt the car market like never before. They’re definitely interesting, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars? (15) Advantages 1. Zero tailpipe emissions Electric cars are … Read more

Can Electric Car Chargers Electrocute You In The Rain?

Heavy rain, from Paula Ikonen of

If it’s raining when you go to plug in your (now wet) electric car charger, is there a danger of an electrical short, or even electrocution? I certainly hope not, but since water conducts electricity it’s something that’s understandable to wonder about: hence this article. The basics All modern electric car charging stations abide by … Read more

Electric Cars Aren’t Green: Myth Or Truth? We Take A Look!

Power plant with various emissions being produced, from le-si of

The great thing about buying and driving an electric car is that you’re doing your bit for the environment… or are you? Some people claim that electric cars are actually bad for the environment. Is this true? Are you better off with your noisy, gas-guzzling 4×4 instead? The basics When looking at the overall environmental footprint of … Read more

Will Electric Cars Reduce (or Eliminate) Road/Highway Noise?

Sources of traffic noise in a bar graph, from

Electric cars are much quieter than conventional cars, so much so that they need to emit fake sounds for pedestrian safety. So in a utopian future world where every car on the road is electric, would pesky road/highway noise be eliminated? This article aims to find out. Some background Electric cars are quieter because they don’t … Read more

21 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Advantages And Disadvantages

The Toyota Miria fuel cell car

Hydrogen cars (or fuel cell cars) work quite differently to electric cars. Whilst electric cars use electrical energy which has already been generated elsewhere (and stored away in the car’s the battery pack), hydrogen cars generate their own electrical energy from a hydrogen store (via fuel cells). Hence hydrogen fuel cells cars are in essence … Read more

Electric Car Charge Plugs/Types: An Easy-To-Understand Guide

An EVSE charging station with a CHAdeMo plug

If you have looked around for information on electric car charging stations and plugs, you might have come across a range of different terms: level 1, level 2, type 1, type 2, level 3 and 4… CHAdeMO, CCS, Commando, GB/T, Combo 2, Combo 1… fast charge, slow charge, rapid charge, supercharger… confused? I was too! … Read more