Does Regenerative Braking Turn on Brake Lights?

Brake lights showing in dark rainy conditions

Regenerative braking has been one of the most interesting and talked about technologies in the world of electric vehicles. Traditional friction brakes are very wasteful because all of the excess energy that is transferred outward from friction (mostly heat) is just completely wasted. Regenerative braking allowed that energy to be captured and used to prolong … Read more

Does Tesla Do Background Checks on Employees?

Criminal background check consent form

Certain companies in the world garner a lot of attention for their unique hiring practices. From famous interview questions, to personal interventions from the founder and/or CEO and unusual seemingly quirky demands that employers have of prospective candidates, the world of recruitment is certainly a diverse and interesting one. In today’s blog, we are looking … Read more

Are Tesla Seats Real Leather?

The seats within a Tesla Model 3

Back in 2015 at a Tesla stockholders’ meeting, animal rights pressure group PETA started lobbying Tesla to make their cars “vegan” by ridding them of all animal-based leather in the car’s interior. At the time, the stockholders voted against this proposition, but in the subsequent few years, discussions continued and in 2017 and 2019 the … Read more

“Tesla Owners & Fanboys Are REALLY Annoying” – Why?!

Tesla meme

Tesla used to be a car company with something of a “cult” following. In recent years, however, they have become very mainstream, and are among the top-selling electric cars anywhere in the world. The fanbase has also been growing exponentially, and is made up mostly of both current and aspiring Tesla owners. Unfortunately, this loyal … Read more