Electric Car Charger Rain Covers and Outdoor Enclosures

An EVSE car charger on a rainy day

When electric cars started to become more prominent, one of the most urgent and burning questions in many people’s minds was what to do about charging when it was raining outside. Some owners had their home charging infrastructure installed inside of their garage, and therefore had much less to worry about. The car was always … Read more

Can You Drive a Hybrid Car Through Water?

A very flooded area with only the top of a car visible

In an earlier article here on this blog, we covered a topic about driving BEV cars — that’s all-electric battery-powered vehicles like the Tesla — through flood water. The general view was that when compared to conventional internal combustion engine cars, electric cars were relatively safe to drive in flood waters. In today’s blog, however, … Read more

Can Electric Car Chargers Electrocute You In The Rain?

Heavy rain, from Paula Ikonen of FreeImages.com

If it’s raining when you go to plug in your (now wet) electric car charger, is there a danger of an electrical short, or even electrocution? I certainly hope not, but since water conducts electricity it’s something that’s understandable to wonder about: hence this article. The Basics All modern electric car charging stations abide by … Read more