Can You Drive a Hybrid Car Through Water?

A very flooded area with only the top of a car visible

In an earlier article here on this blog, we covered a topic about driving BEV cars — that’s all-electric battery-powered vehicles like the Tesla — through flood water. The general view was that when compared to conventional internal combustion engine cars, electric cars were relatively safe to drive in flood waters. In today’s blog, however, … Read more

Buying a Used Toyota Prius with High Mileage: A Guide

High mileage used Toyota Prius prices on Auto Trader

The Toyota Prius was the first of a new category of vehicles that we called hybrid cars. These vehicles tried to create a best-of-both-world scenario during a time when electric cars still seemed a million miles away but we urgently needed to cut our emissions from cars on the road. The Prius arrived in Japan … Read more