How to Turn Off Nissan Leaf’s Reverse Beep (But Should You Do This?)

A parked up Nissan Leaf

Some Nissan Leaf drivers have recently been complaining about an interesting problem they’re having with the car. The interesting part is that they’re unhappy about something the car is doing that it is supposed to do. Nothing is broken or defective, and for some, that’s the issue. What we’re talking about here is a key … Read more

Nissan Ariya: What Does “Ariya” Mean (& How To Pronounce It)?

Nissan Ariya Concept Car at Consumer Electronics Show 2020

Until the Tesla Model 3 was released, Nissan held the crown for the best-selling fully electric car: the Nissan Leaf. It offered a reasonable all-electric range without a premium price tag, resulting in it being popular amongst eco-conscious drivers. But Nissan have now scrapped the Leaf (sort of), and they are instead rolling out their … Read more

Fixing “Unable to Charge” or “Charge Port” Tesla Errors

Two Tesla charging errors including the infamous Unable to Charge error

It seems that quite a few Tesla owners have had negative experiences with being unable to charge their vehicles because of the emergence of strange and somewhat unhelpful error messages. Common ones include variations on “Unable to Charge – Service Required” or “Charge Port Requires Service.” There are actually many variations on these kinds of … Read more