Can You Open a Tesla Glove Box Without Power?

The black and white interior option within a Tesla Model 3

Tesla cars are frequently held up as paragons of modernity and style, offering high-tech features galore, and capabilities that are designed to go beyond any simple “wow” factor. There’s almost nothing in a Tesla that’s done in the ‘regular’ way that you might expect from other cars. One interesting question that has arisen more recently … Read more

Charging a Nissan Leaf with Solar Panels: Pipe Dream or Reality?

Demounted battery from electric car Nissan Leaf. Cells of high voltage battery from Kiev, Ukraine.

Drivers and admirers of electric vehicles have all wondered at some stage…why aren’t OEMs like Nissan making use of improving solar power technology to improve the range and energy efficiency of their electric cars? Tesla makes its Solar Roof and Solar Panels technology, and Nissan also has entered the fray, selling its own solar panels … Read more

Does the Nissan Ariya Work Well in Cold Weather?

The Nissan Ariya on a wintery road

The Nissan Ariya is the latest upcoming all-electric model from Nissan, built as an electric SUV crossover model to compete with the likes of the Chevy Bolt, Volkswagen ID.4, and many others cropping up in this increasingly competitive segment. As we await for the official release and launch of the Nissan Ariya, which is coming … Read more

Yes, Teslas & Other EVs CAN Charge While Driving (Sort Of…) – New Video

YouTube thumbnail with me in background and the text self charging EVs are unlikely

Many people ask whether electric cars can charge up while driving along, which this video explores. The short answer is that self-charging road surfaces and physics-defying dynamos won’t really work, but integrated solar panels and improved regen braking will help… a bit. This video explains the benefits and shortfalls of regen braking, and looks at … Read more