Why Don’t Electric Cars Have Dynamos?

Whether your car is an all-electric car, hybrid or internal-combustion-engine (ICE) car, one thing you can’t do without is electrical power. Given the total dominance of the ICE car in the past century and more, many people have become familiar with the particular language of devices that are used in this power generation — battery, … Read more

Can You Rev An Electric Car?

Tesla Model 3 (EU model) on a road with sun in the background

In Hollywood movies, the teasing revving up of a car engine is typically the sign of an impending automotive duel of some kind, like a drag race. The revving sounds of cars have often been used to build tension before some dramatic run of a car, but will that be able to continue in the … Read more

When Will Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars Be Mass Produced?

The Toyota Miria fuel cell car

While there has been a great deal of development towards improved car battery technology, in particular the Lithium-ion battery. As range, charging speeds and longer life of batteries on the market continue to get better, it looks increasingly like the Lithium-ion battery will become the future all-electric automotive force. In fact, there is another contender … Read more