How do Hydrogen Buses Work? Are They Fuel Efficient?

A hydrogen fuel cell bus

Back in June 2021, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, introduced the newest additions to the London bus fleet. A total of 20 new double-decker units have been added to London’s “route 7” bus line, which runs between East Acton and Oxford Circus in the nation’s capital. They are the first buses of their kind … Read more

History of Hydrogen Cars and Technology, from 1802 to present!

The French Hippomobile, from

Hydrogen based vehicles seem to only be a recent development, with just four mainstream hydrogen cars available from the past few years. However their existence has been around since the 19th century, as this article covers. If you’re only interested in recent developments though, feel free to click “Modern developments” below! Historical Times: 1802 to … Read more

21 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Advantages And Disadvantages

The Toyota Miria fuel cell car

Hydrogen cars (or fuel cell cars) work quite differently to electric cars. Whilst electric cars use electrical energy which has already been generated elsewhere (and stored away in the car’s the battery pack), hydrogen cars generate their own electrical energy from a hydrogen store (via fuel cells). Hence hydrogen fuel cells cars are in essence … Read more