Why Are Electric Cars Just SO Ugly?

A BMW i3 on a dealer's yard, from Wikipedia.

So let’s be honest: some electric cars are UGLY. They just look… odd. But not all do – some electric cars actually look really nice. Plus when the Tesla Cybertrunk was revealed, people were split: some people thought it was the ugliest thing created, other people loved it and said it looks amazing. So to … Read more

Do Electric Cars Need Transmission Fluid (Or Even Have A Transmission)?

Transmission/gearing mechanism from a conventional car, via FreeImages

When talking about electric cars, people sometimes ask if the transmission fluid needs changing – or even if the EV has transmission fluid or a transmission mechanism, hence this article aims to clear up this confusion. Recap of Transmissions/Transmission Fluid Before looking at EVs, we’ll briefly recap on the purpose of transmissions/gears in a conventional, gasoline-fuelled car. … Read more

Tesla Supercharger Network: With All The Latest Info

Telsa Model S charging at Delaware Welcome Center, thanks to Wikipedia.org

In addition to their innovative cars, a big advantage with Tesla is access to their electric car supercharger network. Right now, Tesla have 1,441 supercharger stations around the World – with 12,888 actual superchargers. Their fairly exclusive charging network allows Tesla owners to easily charge up their car, instead of battling with all other EV … Read more

Will Electric Cars Ever Come Down In Price?

Graph from Bloomberg.com showing that 2024-2025 will be the point when EVs are cheaper than gas cars

When looking at new (and used) car prices, you will probably have noticed that electric cars are more expensive than an equivalent gasoline car: sometimes much more expensive. A good example of this is the Hyundai Kona SE, with the gas version retailing at £18,200.00 in the UK ($19,990 in America), whilst the Kona Electric … Read more