What Secret Cars are the ‘Tech Challengers’ (Google, Apple etc) Working on?

An actual Waymo car, from Waymo.com

For the past few years, there’s been more and more rumours that some of the big tech firms are working on self-driving cars, which will predominantly be plug-in electrics. Some companies – such as Apple and Dyson – have only given limited information about their programmes. Others – like Google – are fairly open about … Read more

What Is A Compliance Car?

Green car sales shot up after 2012 - ucsusa.org

When looking at the (big) list of electric and hydrogen cars, you may have noticed that some of the vehicles listed (made by mainstream manufacturers) are not ones that you have seen on the dealer forecourts. Back in 2012, the CARB launched the Zero Emission Vehicles regulations. This made it mandatory for the state’s six biggest car manufacturers (those selling … Read more