Another week of green car news awaits us! As with the previous week’s news, we are trying something new and will link out to specific articles instead of doing fuller write-ups ourselves.

  • Monday 15th April: AutoBlog look at the Audi AI:ME self-driving, all-electric car which they argue is a blueprint for future autonomous (and fully electric) vehicles.

  • Tuesday 16th April: GreenCarReports mention that Tesla have unveiled plans to recycle the massive batteries within EVs at their Nevada gigafactory, instead of them being wasted.

  • Wednesday 17th April: Autoblog report that UK-based (but Indian-owned) Jaguar are working on an electric car which will be an I-Pace style crossover and will go beyond just putting EV batteries into existing car designs.

  • Wednesday 17th April: The Economist has an interesting piece covering how car manufacturers are making ‘big bets’ (or should that be ‘strategic investments’?) in the EV sector.

  • Thursday 18th April: CNBC reports on the fastest ever car: a $2.5 million Pininfarina Battista all-electric car which can hit 180 mph faster than an F-16 fighter jet! More than half the 50 limited-edition cars are already sold.

  • Friday 19th April: AutoBlog look at Rivian (previously considered a Tesla competitor) and their future plans for releasing six “products” by 2025, one of which may not be a ‘vehicle’…

  • Friday 19th April: EV Sales has Germany’s March 2019 plug-in car sales: a 42% YoY increase with a total of 9,677 registrations - mainly made up for a big 75% year-on-year increase in fully electric car sales (and plug-in hybrid sales mainly being flat).

  • Saturday 20th April: The Times (paywall) mention that the Government’s Department for Transport are considering introducing green registration plates for zero-emission cars like EVs and FCEVs, in a bid to try and increase interest in eco-friendly cars.

  • Sunday 21st April: A YouTube video shows off the new Tesla Model 3 Standard Range - i.e. the base price $35,000 one. This is important because it was thought that deliveries of this cheapest version had been delayed, but apparently supply is creeping through at least!