This week we are trying something new, in that we will link out to other site’s news articles, instead of providing a larger weekly summary article. We might switch between different styles each week, so let us know what you think of this format.

  • Monday 1st April: Tesla have lost another key executive, but this time their VP of Powertrains is heading to Apple, reports Autoblog.

  • Monday 1st April: VW have given more information on their ‘ID’ all-electric lineup, which includes an SUV named ‘Roomzz’, reports Autoblog.

  • Wednesday 3rd April: Toyota are continuing to push hybrids (not EVs) by sharing out previously-secret information from their hybrid patents, according to Green Car Reports.

  • Wednesday 3rd April: Tesla’s blog has announced a more seamless auto-pilot improvement: lane changes can now happen automatically, instead of needing to be specifically approved.

  • Wednesday 3rd April: Tesla shared fallen almost 9% (before recovering slightly) after Q1 deliveries were well behind estimates, reports the BBC.

  • Thursday 4th April: Ford’s upcoming all-electric SUV could have more than 300 miles (483 km) of range, reports Green Car Reports.

  • Thursday 4th April: The judge overseeing the Elon Musk-SEC dispute (regarding ‘contempt of court’ claims) has metaphorically banged their heads together, reports Autoblog.

  • Friday 5th April: Daily Detroit take a neat look inside Rivian’s manufacturing plant (Rivian being the car startup which - at one point - was considered a big Tesla rival).

  • Saturday 6th April: in more big auto-pilot news, Elon Musk has announced that ‘enhanced summon’ (summoning a parked-up car to you, for example when you exit the shopping mall) is due next week: