Green Car Future wishes you a Happy New Year!

  • Monday 31st December: The first Hyundai Nexo (Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel cell car) has been shipped to a customer in Ventura, California. Autoblog have reported that Todd Hochrad took delivery of his Nexo from Keyes Hyundai in Van Nuys. The Nexo is part of Hyundai’s efforts to diversify their green car efforts, providing a more general base in their move away from fossil fuel cars. The Hyundai Nexo has an MSRP of $58,300.

Green, White, Red and Purple decal samples for California clean air vehicles

  • Tuesday 1st January: Drivers with white and green carpool stickers in California will no longer be able to use carpool lanes, due to their planned expiry in the New Year. The idea is to move drivers onto a new red sticker plan, which lasts until 2022 - but it has stricter requirements (such as allowing only new cars since 2017). Purple sticks (which expire in 2023) have also been introduced, for cars bought in 2019 onwards. The plan is to try and keep new electric cars being purchased, along with a healthy used car market, via this rolling sticker programme.

  • Wednesday 2nd January: Tesla announced that they had produced 61,394 Model 3s in Q4 2018, along with almost 1,000 delivered/sold cars each day. They sold close to quarter of a million Tesla vehicles in general in 2018. In order to combat the New Year fall of the federal tax credit (down from $7,500 to $3,750), Tesla have dropped their car prices by $2,000. Hence the $46,000 Model 3 is now $44,000, the Model S goes down to $76,000 and the Model X down to $82,000.

  • Wednesday 2nd January: Sales data from Norway showing that one-third of all 2018 car sales were for pure electric cars, along with essentially half being a form of electric (such as including plug-in hybrids). Norway are known to have the best EV record, due to a mix of Government programmes supporting their uptake - with the aim to abolish fossil fuel car sales by 2025.

  • Wednesday 2nd January: Waymo, the ride-hailing company that used to be part of Google, have seen their self-driving cars being attacked in Arizona, including having tires slashed, rocks thrown at the cars, and people playing chicken with them. According to the NY Times:

Some people have pelted Waymo vans with rocks, according to police reports. Others have repeatedly tried to run the vehicles off the road. One woman screamed at one of the vans, telling it to get out of her suburban neighborhood. A man pulled up alongside a Waymo vehicle and threatened the employee riding inside with a piece of PVC pipe.

In one of the more harrowing episodes, a man waved a .22-caliber revolver at a Waymo vehicle and the emergency backup driver at the wheel. He told the police that he “despises” driverless cars

  • Wednesday 2nd January: Like Tesla, GM are also seeing their $7,500 federal tax credits cut in half soon. This is caused by car manufacturers selling over 200,000 electric cars, leading to the tax credit being phased out over a 15 month process. GM’s tax credit will go down to $3,750 in April 2019.

  • Friday 4th January:: After opening Tesla Model 3 sales up to some European countries, Telsa have now confirmed they are opening sales to more European left-hand countries, and also China. China is an increasingly important market for Tesla, albeit one hit by US-China trade wars. The Model 3 will start at 499,000 yuan ($72,000).