The last full week before Christmas was relatively slow for green car news, as you might expect. News about the upcoming VW ID was perhaps the biggest event of the week.

VW ID car being road tested in South Africa

  • Monday 17th December: Images and information of the upcoming VW ID car have started appearing (pictured to the right), albeit in the familiar camouflage of test mule cars. It has a glass roof, and should be priced around $30,000 - with VW stating it’ll be near the price of a similar diesel car. Production is slated to start in November 2019, with shipments to customers beginning in 2020.

  • Wednesday 19th December: Research from Bloomberg NEF, their energy research arm, has found that the all important price per kWh of car batteries is now at $176/kWh - down from over $1,000/kWh in 2010, a 85% inflation-adjusted fall. This is important because when the price gets down to around $100-$125/kWh, electric cars should be as cheap as gasoline fuelled cars:

  • Wednesday 19th December: The international discussions on reducing car emissions have finished, with a European-wide resolution to reduce car emissions by 37.5% by 2030. This would continue to lead to a rise of green cars such as electric and hydrogen cars, and away from fossil fuel powered cars (albeit this trend has been happening anyway!).

  • Friday 21st December: Chinese electric car sales have continued to be strong, with 140,000 EVs sold in November 2018 - up 59% compared to November 2017. This could lead to overall Chinese sales in 2018 of 1 million green cars, a very big achievement and milestone for EVs.

  • Friday 21st December: American sales data has confirmed that 1 million electric cars have been sold throughout the USA, with California leading the way with 512,717 of those sales! Outside of California, America is lagging behind some other countries with respect to green car sales, but it’s still positive that the 1 million sale mark has finally been reached.

  • Friday 21st December: Honda, CalTech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion lab have unveiled research which they say is a new battery technology with greater potential than Lithium-ion batteries currently in use in most EVs. Honda say that they have resolved previous stability issues in these fluoride-ion batteries, and that in the future these batteries could have higher density (leading to higher car ranges) and be more eco-friendly to produce than Li-on batteries.

  • Saturday 22nd December: The new VW ID, the fairly mysterious new electric car from VW, has been tested out on the roads - in camouflage. The Fully Charged YouTube channel covered it from the embargoed press event in South Africa earlier in December, and they said it is an “amazing car”: