The LA Car Show started this week, leading to various car news in the run up to it too.

  • Monday 26th November: Audi have provided details of their e-tron GT, the luxury all-electric sedan which will retail from $74,800 in America and £71,000 in the UK. It’ll be available in “early 2019”, and feature two electric motors (instead of the usual one) - one on each paid of tyres, giving four-wheel drive and 0-60 in less than 6 seconds. This sedan is pictured to the right (below).

The European version of the 2019 Audi e-Tron

  • Monday 26th November: The Chevrolet Volt PHEV has been scrapped by General Motors. Annual sales were never above 25,000 and it was more of a stepping-stone car to get to the Bolt BEV, although this move has come under some criticism from people fearing this marks a departure from increased GM green car production. GM do seem committed to launching various new EVs by 2023, but time will tell. This is part of a wider ‘cost cutting’ exercise whch involves closing five American factories and laying off 15% of its workforce.

  • Tuesday 27th November: The US-China trade war we reported a fortnight ago have hit Tesla, with just 211 Teslas sold in China in October 2018 (according to the China Passenger Car Association), a drop of 70% compared to October 2017. The tarrifs (of 40% on American car imports into China, in response to similar American tarrifcs) caused Elon Musk to slash the price of the Model X and S in China last week. Time will tell if this helps restore sales.

  • Tuesday 28th November: Following on from GM’s cost cutting, President Trump has threatened to withdraw all GM subsidies - including the $7,500 federal tax credits. Naturally this threat came on Twitter:

  • Thursday 29th November: Kia have provided more information of their Niro EV, the all-electric SUV crossover car with up to 240-mile range (from a 64 kWh battery pack). Its level 3 rapid charger (from the CCS port) will allow for an 80% charge in 75 minutes, whilst the level 2 fast charger should charge up in 9.5 hours.

  • Thursday 29th November: Kia also announced details of their revamped Soul EV at the LA Auto Show, due to launch sometime in 2019. It’ll give around 300 miles of range from a 64 kWh battery, being slightly smaller and lighter than the Niro EV. The inside and outside of the Soul have been improved, with better aerodynamics and technology.

  • Thursday 29th November: Global EV sales grew 75% in October 2018 (compared to October 2017), with 208,000 units sold. This also beats the 202,000 of sales in September 2018.

  • Thursday 29th November: The latest green car news from the UK is that VW, Pod Point and Tesco have announced a partnership that will see more than 600 Tesco stores be installed with 2,400 charging bays from Pod Point (and partially funded by VW). There will be a mix of 7 kW fast charging units which will be free to use, and also some rapid charger 50 kW units which will be paid-for.

  • Friday 30th November: VW, the German automaker, have said that they might build a factory in American which will specialise in producing electric vehicles, with their CEO Scott Keogh saying “We are 100 percent deep in the process of ‘We will need an electric car plant in North America,’ and we’re holding those conversations now,”. VW are aiming to compete with Tesla, and produce a sedan style VW priced between $30,000 and $40,000 within the next couple of years. An American factory which specialises in EVs would naturally help with this goal.

  • Friday 30th November: Not content with boosting production levels to a record high (for them), Tesla have reached a new milestone: 1 billion miles have been driven by Teslas purely with autopilot:

  • Saturday 1st December: In final Tesla-mania news, Tesla listed a roof rack for their Model 3 on their website, retailing at $450. It’s designed to be aerodynamic and easy to install, and also reduce interior cabin noise. As you might expect, it sold out within mere minutes..!