All Electric, Hydrogen & Hydrogen (Fuel Cell) Cars We Know About

This page contains the ultimate list of mainstream green cars, and will eventually link to reviews and buying information for each car as well. Please note that this list was last updated in mid-2019: it will be updated shortly to bring it up to date for 2021 and beyond.

The ‘year’ provided is the latest year for this particular model. E.g. the BMW i3 was released in 2014, but there’s a 2019 model which is going to be available imminently – hence this is what we list. We feel that this is a useful thing to mention, because you can see whether the listed cars might be using the latest tech or not. However we also link to the manufacturer’s website for each car, so you can get more information through that.

Electric Cars

Make/Model0-60mph/0-100kmhEffective RangePrice FromYearNotes
Audi e-tron GT5.9s248 mi (399 km)$74,8002019 
Audi e-tron 50 Quattro7s186 mi (299 km)?2020Not yet released; will be much cheaper than current e-tron
Baojun E200?270 mi (434 km)TBC2019China Only
BMW i38s153 mi (246 km)$44,4502019 
BMW Brilliance Zinoro 1E7.6s93 mi (150 km)$58,0002013China only
Bolloré Bluecar?160 mi (257 km)$15,5002011Europe only
BYD e68s186 mi (299 km)$52,0002016 
Chery QQ3 EV?62 mi (100 km)$6,8002011China only
Chevrolet Bolt EV6.5s238 mi (383 km)$36,6202019 
Citroën C-Zero15.9s93 mi (150 km)$22,9952017Same as the i-MieV
ElectraMeccanica Solo8s100 mi (161 km)$15,40020182 seater
Fiat 500e8.5s87 mi (140 km)$32,9952018 
Ford Focus Electric9.9s115 mi (185 km)$29,1202018 
Honda E8s136 mi (219 km)$45,0002020Not yet releaced
Hyundai Ioniq Electric9.9s124 mi (200 km)$29,5002018 
Hyundai Kona Electric7.6s258 mi (415 km)$36,9502019 
JAC Motors JAC J3 EV11.5s105 mi (169 km)$22,8502012China only
Kia Soul EV11.2s111 mi (179 km)$33,9502019 
Kia Niro EV?239 mi (385 km)?2019 
Kandi K22?75 mi (121 km)$19,9952019China only
Kandi EX3?188 mi (302 km)$29,9952019China only
Mahindra e2o plus?75 mi (121 km)$10,4902016India only
Mahindra e-Verito?112 mi (180 km)$14,0002018India only
Mini Cooper S E7s146 mi (235 km)$36,400March 2020Preorders accepted
Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive7.9s124 mi (200 km)$39,9002017 
Micro Mobility Systems Microlino?134 mi (216 km)$13,9802018Europe only; 2 seater
Mitsubishi i-MiEV?62 mi (100 km)$22,9952017 
Motores Limpios Zacua?100 mi (161 km)$23,5002018Mexico only
MW Motors Luka EV9.3s186 mi (299 km)$23,1502018Europe only
Nissan Leaf?150 mi (241 km)$29,9002019 
Peugeot i0n15.9s93 mi (150 km)$22,0002017Same as the i-MieV
Peugeot e-2088.1s211 mi (339 km)$30,4002020Not yet released. Europe only.
Porsche Taycan Turbo3.0s255 mi (410 km)$150,9002019 
Renault Fluence ZE?115 mi (185 km)$38,3782014 
Renault Zoe13.5s250 mi (402 km)$23,0002018 
Renault Twizy?62 mi (100 km)$8,80020182 seater
Jaguar I-Pace4.5s292 mi (470 km)$69,5002018 
Smart fortwo electric drive11.5s90 mi (145 km)$23,9002013 
Sono Motors Sion9s160 mi (257 km)$18,5202018Self-charges via solar power
Tesla Model S2.5s210 mi (338 km)$74,5002017 
Tesla Model X6.0s351 mi (565 km)$132,0002016 
Tesla Model 35.6s220 mi (354 km)$35,0002018Base $35,000 version not yet released
Volkswagen e-Golf10.4s125 mi (201 km)$35,0002017 
Volkswagen e-Up!11.9s161 mi (259 km)$24,5002019Europe only

PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Cars)

Make/Model0-60mph/0-100kmhMPGePrice FromYearNotes
Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid7.5s106 MPGe$33,5202019 
Subaru Crosstrek PHEV???2019Not yet released
Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid7.9s97 MPGe$31,4002018 
Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV9.2s74 MPGe$34,5952018 
Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid7.7s115 MPGe$33,4002014 
Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid8.1s? MPGe$75,0002013Discontinued
Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in10.2s76 MPGe$22,0002019 
Mini Cooper S E Countryman6.7s65 MPGe$36,9002018 
VW Passat GTE7.6s?$35,2632018Europe only
Kia Optima PHEV8.2s103 MPGe$35,2902018Europe only
Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in10.5s133 MPGe$27,3002018 
BMW i3 REx7s111 MPGe$45,0002017 
BMW 330e iPerformance5.9s71 MPGe$45,6002018 
Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid10.1s105 MPGe$28,8402019 
BMW i84.2s76 MPGe$147,5002018 

Conventional Hybrid Cars

Please note that the MPG listed is for the non-electric, combustion engine type figures. The MPGe (MPG equivalent) figures which is a better measure was not readily available for the majority of the below, but we will try and provide MPGe as and when available.

Make/Model0-60mph/0-100kmhMPG (non-electric)Price FromYearNotes
Cadillac Escalade5.2s17 MPG$75,1952019 
Chevrolet Tahoe?23 MPG$54,0002013Hybrid version discontinued
Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid?18 MPG$45,0002013 
GMC Yukon Hybrid?20 MPG$38,5132013 
Toyota Crown hybrid5s24 MPG$55,0002013Asia Only
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid7.8s39 MPG$28,7452019 
Ford Fusion Hybrid8.7s38 MPG$27,5552019 
Honda Insight8.8s55 MPG$22,8302019 
Lexus RX 450h7.5s31 MPG$45,9952019 
Lexus HS 250h?35 MPG$40,0002012 
BMW ActiveHybrid 7?22 MPG$35,0002015Discontinued
Honda CR-Z?36 MPG$22,9752010 
Honda CR-V?45 MPG?2020Not yet releasaed
Honda Fit Hybrid8.4s71 MPG$18,8502019 
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid6.8s46 MPG$25,5002018 
Toyota Highland hybrid7s30 MPG$36,8702018 
Toyota Prius AWD-e?50 MPG$27,3002019 
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid8.7s38 MPG$47,9902018 
Porsche Cayenne S5.7s20 MPG$82,9902019 
Kia Optima Hybrid7.9s46 MPG$27,9852019 
Toyota Camry Hybrid5.7s53 MPG$28,1502019 
Lexus CT 200h hybrid10.1s40 MPG$31,2502017 
Peugeot 508 RXH?50 MPG$32,0002016Europe only
Acura ILX Hybrid???2014Hybrid version discontinued
Lexus ES 300h7.5s44 MPG$41,3102019 
BMW ActiveHybrid 5?30 MPG$61,0002015Discontinued
BMW ActiveHybrid 3?33 MPG$31,5002015Discontinued
Ford C-Max Hybrid7.6s38.00 MPG$24,1202018 
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid7.9s48 MPG$24,9002016Discontinued
Toyota Avalon Hybrid7.8s44 MPG$36,5002019 
Hyundai Ioniq10.2s58 MPG$22,0002019 
Honda NSX / Acura NSX3.1s22 MPG$156,0002018 

Hydrogen Cars

Make/Model0-60mph/0-100kmhEffective RangePrice FromYearNotes
Mercedes-Benz F-Cell?271 mi (436 km)$75,0002017 
Hyundai ix35 FCEV9.5s369 mi (594 km)$60,0002012 
Toyota Mirai9s312 mi (502 km)$60,0002018 
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell7.7s366 mi (589 km)$55,000?2018 
Hyundai Nexo?370 mi (595 km)$55,0002018