When Will Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars Be Mass Produced?

The Toyota Miria fuel cell car

While there has been a great deal of development towards improved car battery technology, in particular the Lithium-ion battery. As range, charging speeds and longer life of batteries on the market continue to get better, it looks increasingly like the Lithium-ion battery will become the future all-electric automotive force. In fact, there is another contender … Read more

History of Hydrogen Cars and Technology, from 1802 to present!

The French Hippomobile, from Wikipedia.org

Hydrogen based vehicles seem to only be a recent development, with just four mainstream hydrogen cars available from the past few years. However their existence has been around since the 19th century, as this article covers. If you’re only interested in recent developments though, feel free to click “Modern developments” below! Historical Times: 1802 to … Read more

What Do Hydrogen Cars Sound Like?

The BMW Hydrogen i8 on a race track

Hydrogen fuel cell cars work quite differently to conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, in that they are essentially an electric hybrid – but with fuel cells replacing the noisy combustion engine. But how does this affect their sound? Are they quiet like EVs, or still as noisy as ICE cars? Some background Combustion engines are known … Read more

Where Does Hydrogen For Cars Come From (How’s it Produced)?

Pipelines in Alaska, from Kevin Abbott of FreeImages.com

Hydrogen is all around us, but exactly how (and why) it ends up in a highly-pressurised form at a hydrogen fuelling station – which can be pumped into a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle’s (or FCEV’s) storage tank – is an interesting story: one which we explore here. The basic problem of ‘extracting’/isolating hydrogen Hydrogen is the … Read more

How Exactly Do Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Work?

Bottom half of LA Times fuel-cell car diagram, showing just the fuel-cell component

As I mentioned in my ‘How Exactly Do Electric Cars Work?’ article, many of us have grown up around gasoline-powered cars with an internal combustion engine, so we’re familiar with how they work. However how green cars work is sometimes seen as a mystery, especially hydrogen cars (because people will have used electric-powered devices many … Read more

Green Car Fuelling Cost Breakdown: Is There a Best Type to Run?

Running costs breakdown from the EPA, fueleconomy.gov

As you’re no doubt aware, there’s multiple types of green car: traditional hybrids, EVs (electric cars), plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars. The technology (and infrastructure) powering green cars is progressing all the time, but are they a match financially for standard gasoline autos? This article will find out. Type of Car: Recap This … Read more