Can You Drive a Hybrid Car Through Water?

A very flooded area with only the top of a car visible

In an earlier article here on this blog, we covered a topic about driving BEV cars — that’s all-electric battery-powered vehicles like the Tesla — through flood water. The general view was that when compared to conventional internal combustion engine cars, electric cars were relatively safe to drive in flood waters. In today’s blog, however, … Read more

14 Interesting Facts About Hybrid Cars

A teaser image of the Toyota Prius all-wheel drive

Hybrid cars – whether conventional or PHEVs – are an interesting mix of both gasoline-powered parts (such as the gasoline fuel tank and the internal combustion engine) and electric-powered parts (such as the battery pack and electric motor). Whilst they were first popularised by Hollywood celebs driving about a Toyota Prius, they’ve been around longer than this: … Read more

Green Car Fuelling Cost Breakdown: Is There a Best Type to Run?

Running costs breakdown from the EPA,

As you’re no doubt aware, there’s multiple types of green car: traditional hybrids, EVs (electric cars), plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars. The technology (and infrastructure) powering green cars is progressing all the time, but are they a match financially for standard gasoline autos? This article will find out. Type of Car: Recap This … Read more